Frequently Asked Questions

Door Decor is a fun way to cozy up your welcome or space! It's completely customizable made easy by a magnetic frame that you are able to swap out phrases or accessories as often as your decor, season or mood changes! The possibilities of this being interchangeable make the sign 100% original and 100% YOURS! Plus, you only have to purchase the magnetic frame once!

What are the magnetic frames?
Magnetic frames are handcrafted with my own two hands right out of my home in Kennewick, Washington! Being that they are all cut, sanded, stained and assembled, no two signs are 100% alike making them each their own and unique! Wood color may vary slightly from picture due to the way the wood takes the stain. Frames may also contain knots or cracks, etc. but I believe that adds to its character and the beauty of being original! The backside is our secret sauce, however, being constructed of metal you should be cautious of sharp edges and corners.

What sizes and styles do the magnetic frames come in?
Size: Currently, we are offering one size for Door Decor. It's approximately 14 inches tall, 23 inches wide, and 2 inches deep. Weight is approximately 2 pounds. We have plans to add additional sizes in the future so stay tuned for those!
Style: We have two styles to pick from - Shiplap or White Wood!

How do I hang my Door Decor?
We include 2 nailless sawtooth hooks with every magnetic frame ordered (not attached to prevent damage during shipping) however they are so easy to attach! First lay your magnetic frame facedown on a soft surface such as carpet or blanket. Measure where you would like your hooks to be and point the serrated edge side towards the wood. Use a small hammer and tap the hanger in place till the sides are fully installed. You are now ready to hang your magnetic frame!

Here is a great video on how to install if you are a visual learner!

What are additional phrases and accessories?
Additional phrases and accessories are a way to make Door Decor your own! They are all laser cut from birch plywood and the pieces (especially more intricate cuts such as swirls and laurels) are very delicate, so I advise using both hands when adding or removing to and from your magnetic frame. Phrases and accessories are each hand painted, again, making them not quite identical.

When will I receive my Door Decor or Hand Painted Doormat?
I am currently running 1 - 2 weeks on processing, however, I am known to get items out quicker so you will be notified via email and a tracking number provided!